Don’t Miss the Powerful Branding Opportunity Under Your Feet

Dec 17th 2013

There’s a huge marketing opportunity right under your feet — trade show flooring! In fact, at Brumark we say the floor is the “fifth wall” of an exhibit or event because it can be used to tie together the whole look and feel of the space, or to display key branding and marketing information.

There are many different ways you can use flooring to maximize branding in an exhibit. In this post, we’ll focus on how to use trade show carpet in branding a booth space.

Custom-Dyed Trade Show Carpet
One way to complement the design of an exhibit is to CUSTOM DYE the carpet to brand colors, or to match the overall color scheme of the space. Brumark can custom dye our quality 10’ nylon cut pile carpet to any PMS color you specify. You can also select from 16 OZ., 30 OZ. and 50 OZ. weights.

Dye Sub Carpet
DYE SUBLIMATED CARPET is an eye-catching and comfortable option with vivid colors and detailed printing. It’s also durable, because the ink is imbedded right in the carpet. We can print areas up to 10’ wide, giving you a huge canvas to work with!

Carpet Inlays
Carpet inlays can take so many forms. They can be used to create a dramatic look, add texture, showcase a logo or marketing message, draw attention to a specific area of a booth, direct traffic flow, and more.

Technological advancements here at Brumark have improved how we manufacture carpet inlays and logos, resulting in even higher-quality results for you. You can inlay carpet of different colors, of course, but combining different types of flooring products has also become a popular and attention-grabbing solution. For example, you can inlay carpet with FLEXFLOOR ROLLABLE VINYL FLOORING to create areas without walls.

Adding branded carpet to a trade show flooring project is easier and more cost-effective than you may think, and it can have significant impact. Contact us today to learn more!