Brumark Sensor Floor

Posted on 2/22/2017

Achieve Metrics Organically in Any Environment!

Take traffic measurement and analysis to the next level with Brumark Sensor Floor powered by Sencorables! This cutting-edge flooring solution uses unique and patented sensor technology to provide the full picture of visitors’ journeys through a space.

Brumark Sensor Floor installs under almost any Brumark flooring and detects, collects, and stores real-time data on the presence, exact location, movement, direction, and dwell time of people in a space. This provides a simple way to get insight needed to make informed strategic decisions about visitor engagement, products, exhibit design, and much more.

  •         Made of a double layer of postindustrial polypropylene with incorporated
         force sensors
  •         Can be installed underneath almost any Brumark flooring, including carpet,
         carpet tiles, FlexFloor, raised flooring, and luxury vinyl tiles
  •         Easy to install — no special tools required
  •         Simple to transport, dismantle and store
  •         Made in the USA
  •         Fire retardant
  •         Resistant to water, moisture, mold, fungus and mildew
  •         Non-allergenic; odor and VOC-free




Download the Brumark Sensor Floor tearsheet