Raise Your Exhibit Flooring to the Next Level with Altitude R&R

Posted on 12/07/2015

There are many different benefits to using raised flooring for exhibits, events, and auto. At Brumark, we’re focused on providing our clients with innovative solutions that make raised flooring a convenient, cost-effective, and beautiful option for a wide range of applications.

Our Altitude R&R Raised Flooring System features an interchangeable, customizable top surface. This means your clients can:

  • Save time and installation costs with a raised floor that installs with a beautiful finished surface
  • Easily reapply the surface or update it for a quick brand refresh or completely new look, without investing in a new raised flooring system
  • Reuse the durable, self-leveling subfloor over and over again

We’d love to talk with you about all the ways you can incorporate Altitude R&R into your exhibit and event design. With the flexibility of the beautiful finished surface and the convenience of easy setup, Altitude is a great choice for tradeshows, special events, retail and much more.  

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